GAB SQUAD offers award-winning education programs for participants of all ages.  Programs feature:

  • Live original pop, rock, and hip-hop music.
  • Interactive curriculum-approved lessons and conversations with participants.
  • Heartfelt comedy and high-energy storytelling.
  • Technology and Social Media components used to continue the message beyond the live event.

GAB SQUAD has developed age-specific programming and targeted programs for various age levels:

  • Relaxed and intimate daycare/pre-K groups.
  • Elementary and Middle-School level large-scale assemblies.
  • High-energy electric programs and high-school/college level performances.
  • General family events and concerts.
  • Special needs groups and autism-friendly/sensory-friendly performances.
  • Cyber school and webcast virtual assemblies.
  • Adult events and professional development programming.
  • Motivational speaking events and community workshops.
  • School programming at a variety of geographic locations: suburban public school districts, urban centers and city schools, rural and underserved communities, catholic and religious schools.

GAB SQUAD programs are most often themed with positive-expression / bullying-awareness messages in line with most modern curriculum, such as OLWEUS.  Customized discussion topics include:

  • Anti-bullying programming & Bullying Awareness curriculum kick-offs.
  • Red Ribbon themed events.
  • Literacy Awareness & Reading Celebrations.
  • Healthy Choices and the use of Creativity in the face of Negativity.
  • Respect and Tolerance.
  • Stranger Awareness.
  • Workplace Conflict.
  • Physical and Mental Health Awareness.